Auto-mating your Photo life with IFTTT

IFTTT for Photographers

IFTTT can automate your social photo workflow. Auto-posting, cross-posting, backing up and keeping inspiring images, all done with no interaction. In most of the examples here I am using flickr and Dropbox because these are primary two services that I use. But IFTTT works equally well for 500px for photos and Box, Google Drive and Skydrive for cloud storage.

Auto Posting

IFTTT can auto upload photos to flickr from various sources, including Dropbox, or directly from the Photos app in iOS.

Auto cross-posting

If you post across multiple sites IFTTT can make cross posting effortless. Use this feature with caution. If you expect the same users to follow you across multiple networks, they will burn out from seeing the same posts on multiple networks.

IFTTT Instagram to flickr
IFTTT Instagram to flickr

Backing up your social photos


Personal Photos


  • Copy iOS screenshots to evernote

Finding other IFTTT Photo Recipes

Finding other Photo recipes on IFTTT
Finding other Photo recipes on IFTTT