Flickr and Smugmug

The big news last week was the acquisition of Flickr by SmugMug. As a user of both services, I find this very exciting. I have been using Flickr the longest, since early 2005 I believe, about the time I got my first DSLR (a Nikon D70). As of today, I have over 22,000 images on Flickr.

Flickr strength remains it’s community and image discoverability. Long before hashtags, Flickr incorporated keywords that made it easy to find stuff. Despite all the other photo sharing platforms that have come up since I still rely on Flickr for most of my photo searching and research. Flickr was also the first site (that I know of) to use the timeline based presentation of photos, something many photographers were not used to at the time. SmugMug is another great platform for photographers. Its templates allow very professional looking sites with curated portfolio design, which makes it a great option as a domain host ( Additionally, SmugMug provides the ability to sell images directly to buyers.




Flickr Tags

Some time ago (ok a few years ago) flickr changed the URL scheme for tags, and it annoys me to this day. Previously searching for tags would result is a simple URL something like this

but now looks more like this

This made sharing tag URLs more complicated, and made it harder to edit a tag. While the old tag URL scheme still works, it is not obvious who to get to it. But once you know how, it is pretty easy. What’s even better is that you can change either the username or tag text to change the filtering criteria.

You can view all your tags with

or see images with a specific tag

And you can even edit a tag by adding /edit the end of the URL.